Your Community Theater

Festival Theatre brings the St. Croix Valley community into the world of show.
Festival Theatre performed Children of Mystery River last year.

There is a venue in the small town of St. Croix Falls, Wis., celebrating its 28th season this year, where community members can gather for great performances in a charming local setting. “Festival Theatre is your local theater,” says Jason Richards of the St. Croix Falls Festival Theatre. “Festival Theatre’s mission is to make the arts welcoming to all people as an essential part of their wellbeing and for the vitality of the community.”

Looking to get involved? First and foremost, attend shows. The best way to support the theater is to enjoy it, which allows the venue to stay open and provides a wonderful night of entertainment. The theater also offers special deals for business owners via Business Preview Nights, and the troupe is always willing to take on volunteer ushers.

Festival Theatre also has a program called a Host Home Program. Essentially, community members can volunteer to host an actor during the duration of their show. Many of the actors come from out of town and are only able to work because they’re offered a place to stay by a community member. Richards says it’s also a “chance for local households to get an inside look at what it means to be an actor and to see a familiar face onstage when they come to a show.”

New shows every month, find details online.
125 Washington St., St. Croix Falls, Wis. // Tickets range $13.50–$26