A Sign of Spring

by | Apr 2024

Colorful tulip blossoms in a field to pick yourself


If you are anything like me, you’re probably itching to breathe some fresh air and get your hands dirty this spring. Studies have shown that being around flowers reduces stress, quells anxiety, speeds healing, aids in concentration and generally makes you happy.

Tulips are a favorite and often thought of as a symbol of spring. They represent renewal and rebirth. A well-placed bunch of tulips can convey a sign of hope for the thaw. Did you know that the petals of a tulip are known for being perfectly symmetrical, or that tulip bulbs are not from the Netherlands but were originally cultivated in Turkey? (The name tulips originates from the Turkish word for turban.) Did you know that tulips are edible, and they can be a substitute for onions in a recipe? The yellow tulip is considered the universal symbol of hope—for a fresh start and anticipation of coming warmth.

So when your green thumb starts itching, pop out and visit your local flower shop. Breathe in the fragrance, and grab a bunch of tulips. Plant your own bulbs in the fall to bring color to your yard early next year. It will get you through!

Shelli Erck is the owner of Hudson Flower Shop. Find more at hudsonflowershop.com.


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