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Read the October/November 2021 Digital Edition

Touring the Parade of Homes is a favorite pastime for my husband and me. We love to see all of the new design inspirations, popular building materials and interesting takes on creative spaces. Many people leave home tours inspired to update rooms or replace their entire house, making dreams collected in pinned images on social media collages finally come true. This month, I get to indulge in another of my favorite activities, writing about home design. Read more about Read the October/November 2021 Digital Edition

June/July 2021 Digital Edition

St. Croix Valley Magazine

Summer! That time of year when we celebrate a bit of what’s best in the St. Croix Valley. People often say, “What a difference a year makes.” But it feels like we’ve made it through so much more than a year. The amazing members of our St. Croix Valley communities pulled together to support friends, family, neighbors and local businesses in ways that are inspiring and memorable. Read more about June/July 2021 Digital Edition

April/May 2021 Digital Edition

April/May 2021 St. Croix Valley Magazine

I’m anticipating some new landscaping this year. Plants, like people, can thrive or languish depending on their environment and proper tending. And things change. Even with adequate sunlight, water and nutrition, plants have a lifecycle and occasionally require replacement, or at the very least, some rethinking. Does my landscape require too much weeding? Are my shrubs not blossoming because they’re in the wrong place or because they’re overgrown? These are the kinds of questions a professional can help homeowners address. Read more about April/May 2021 Digital Edition

February/March 2021 Digital Edition

This time of year, I like to keep the comfort foods coming. But, like you, I can get stuck in a rut when it comes to what to make for dinner. Fear not! We’ve got some culinary inspiration in this issue with a mouth-watering feature about a local food blogger. Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen shares her story of relocating to the St. Croix Valley and leaving her corporate gig behind to spend more time in the kitchen cooking and encouraging conversations around food. An added benefit is that she shares some spectacular recipes. Read more about February/March 2021 Digital Edition

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