Stay Healthy and Happy with These Family Fitness Ideas for Summer

If you still need help getting into the swing of summertime fitness, Sara Jesperson from Trumi has some ideas.

For Kids
Play bingo while on a walk. “Create a bingo card with common themes,” Jesperson says. “Pine cones, beetles, bees, white rocks, clovers.” Your work is already cut out for you.

And you can still be active and have fun when it’s raining out. Jesperson recommends the Pony Athletic Center for its convenient indoor track. Create a kid-friendly triathlon event.

For Adults
Date night can easily become more active. Jesperson suggests you park by the new St. Croix River crossing bridge and then take a walk toward downtown Stillwater. To really get active without noticing, check out different antique stores or bookshops in downtown Stillwater. You’ll be so driven by curiosity, you’ll meet your step count before you even know it.

For the Family
Spend a little time together before the kids go back to school. The stairs of Stillwater are the perfect way to get your heart rate up and take in the gorgeous sights. “Park across the street from the bottom of the Pioneer Park stairs, near the warden’s house,” Jesperson says. Once you’re up, you’re in for some lovely views.