The Quintessential SCV Gift Guide for Pets

Everything your pet could need or want this holiday season.

Chuck and Don's gift baskets might include a Kong Pawzzle, cuttlebone and candy cane bone. Or go for the Dirty Dog Doormat, one of the most absorbant around (available at Angel's). And don't forget those chicken gifts from Houle's—a tin sign, ceramic nesting eggs, treat and seed balls, even a chicken leash!

As you’re making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice, don’t forget to add your furry (or feathered or scaly) family members to it. We’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for pets. Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, fish or chicken, we’ve got you covered.

Dirty Dog Doormat
A Dirty Dog Doormat is the perfect cure for wet, muddy paws. Made out of exceptionally absorbent microfiber strands, these mats are capable of soaking up as much as seven times their weight in dirt. $39.99–$89.99, depending on size. Angel’s Pet World and Angel’s Pet World Too

Chicken Flock Block
When snow covers the ground, and bugs and weeds are hard to find, a flock block helps prevent a bored chicken. The big block of seeds will stave away both hunger and angst, as your feathered friends spend hours pecking away at it. $12–$33. Houle’s Farm Garden and Pet

Fluval 5-Gallon Chi II Aquarium Set from Hagan
This simple fish tank )not pictured) might seem small, but it boasts a big impact. Inspired by Feng Shui, it combines soothing sounds and aesthetics to create a calming effect for both the fish it houses and the people admiring them. $66.49. Angel’s Pet World and Angel’s Pet World Too

Dog or Cat Gift Boxes
Available in a variety of sizes, these boxes are jam-packed with treats and toys your dog or cat is sure to love. Consider this as a fun and diverse way to show your furry, four-legged friends you love and appreciate them. $25–$130. Chuck and Don’s Pet Food and Supply

Chicken Snack Basket
From buckets of worms to balls o’ bugs to tweet treats, Houle’s has plenty of options for hungry hens. Why not put together a little basket for them? A well-fed chicken is a happy chicken, after all. $10–$15. Houle’s Farm Garden and Pet

Nail Trimming
Atlas Pet Supply offers this service in-store, making for a convenient way to give your bird or reptile a much-needed treatment. Reptiles start at $7, parakeets at $7, cockatiels at $10 and parrots at $15. Atlas Pet Supply

E-2 Cuttlebone
Every bird cage should have a cuttlebone. As birds peck and nibble, they not only exercise their jaws and beaks, but also get a healthy dose of minerals, iron and calcium. This one is an eco-friendly option, good for your pet and the environment. $3.29. Chuck and Don’s Pet Food and Supply

Glow Fish 10-Gallon Tank from Tetra

Give your fish’s habitat an upgrade this holiday season. Tetra’s glow fish tank (not pictured) is easy on the eyes and easy to set up. The lighted hood includes blue and white LEDs, making for a fun glow both you and your fish will enjoy. $78.69.  Angel’s Pet World and Angel’s Pet World Too