Nailed It: Manicure Recommendations from a Local Expert

Nail artist Heidi Meier from Salon Ultimissimo and Heidi’s Hands and Feet shares some manicure recommendations.
These ring fingers are examples of the Unicorn Hologram affect, with the addition of Swarovski crystals at the base ($5/nail extra). The middle fingers show foil art stamping, which costs an extra $5 for two nails.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic French manicure. But if you’re feeling bold, consider these adventurous styles, suggested by Heidi Meier of Salon Ultimissimo, at your next mani/pedi.

Happy Holographic
Go totally futuristic with a shiny rainbow holographic look to have your friends doing double takes. It’s an easy way to add spice to a solid-color nail.

Bionic Woman
No, not the TV series from the ’70s: Give metallic chrome a try to feel invincible every day. Heidi does a “unicorn” version
of this, too, featuring a rainbow effect.

Glow Time
Radiate a grown-up version of a glow stick with a glow-in-the-dark manicure.

Classic Bling

Adding sparkle and glitz to your usual with an accent nail is always in style. Try bling all over for gorgeously adorned nails. Heidi’s motto? “If you like it, wear it.”

Costs start at $53 for gel, acrylic or custom manicures, $43 for designer shellac manicures. Prices are subject to change and vary by application.