Lift Bridge Brewery Breaks Ground on a New Facility

Stillwater’s very own Lift Bridge Brewery hosted a 10th anniversary celebration this past August, and soon they will break ground on a brand new production and distribution facility. The building will be located in Stillwater’s industrial park, a sizable upgrade from the garage it was originally founded in. It will be approximately 35,000 square feet, which is about three-times larger than the current brewing company headquarters, located less than half a mile away.
Liftbridge is one of the 10 largest breweries in Minn. and continues to grow in both popularity and size. In 2017, they brewed 19,000 barrels of beer, which is 8,000 more barrels than in 2014. Currently, Liftbridge is also the oldest operating tap room in the state. In 2014, Liftbridge became one of the first breweries in Minn. to brew their own non-alcoholic craft root beer, which is available for retail purchase (and happens to be a favorite of our editor’s family).