Go Greased Lightning!

  • Cassie Anderson, Tyler Malmberg (with guitar), Ellie McGinley and Andy Bjerk
  • Left to right, Matt Crea, Sam Luloff, Ben Olsen, Rhyan Biever and Matt Brown
  • Jayna Davis and the Pink Ladies, from left to right, Lucy Langmack, Morgan Killen, Bridget Smith and Sara Swartz
  • Daniel Ahrendt and Jayna Davis
  • “Beauty School Drop Out” sung by Simon Leppicello (Teen Angel) and the Pink Ladies
  • Daniel Ahrendt surrounded by the T-Birds
  • The T-Birds sing “Greased Lightning”
  • Daniel Ahrendt and Jayna Davis
  • Back row, left to right, Matt Brown, Samantha Flipp, Sam Luloff, Rhyan Biever, Matt Crea, Ellie McGinley and Ben Olsen, front.
  • The cast of Grease