Bad Larry’s Hard Cold-brew Is Now Available Across the Valley

Bad Larry’s Hard Coffee comes as quite the blessing to coffee lovers who aspire to fill their days with the caffeinated brew. Now your love of the buzz can continue from morning into night as you sip on this inventive mix. Combining 45 percent real cold-brew from St. Paul’s Blackeye Roasting Co. and 50 percent malt liquor from City Brewing in La Crosse, Wis., Bad Larry’s is the brainchild of Matt McGinn. He has 13 years of experience when it comes to coffee. “Nothing existed on the market, and we thought, ‘People love coffee and alcohol, so why don’t we bring the two together?’” McGinn says. “And instead of making it taste like coffee, there’s actual coffee in it. It’s not a flavored malt beverage with coffee flavoring, it’s the real thing.” Bad Larry’s launched in Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin in June.