Stillwater Sings

Valley Chamber Chorale brings together singers of all backgrounds.

With 43 seasons in the books, Valley Chamber Chorale has been a fixture in the community for quite some time. Formed by director Carol Carver in 1975, the mission of the group is to provide a creative outlet for adults with musical experience who want to continue their practice by performing challenging pieces.

After Carver’s retirement last year, assistant director Daryl Timmer took over. As choir director at Woodbury High School and a lifelong musician, Timmer is passionate about music and about this group.

“This will be my 21st season in the chorale,” Timmer says. “We’ve got people coming from all walks of life.”

Just as chorale members are people of all ages, the group values presenting a combination of classic and modern influences. “We try to be able to have something for all music lovers or parts of the community,” Timmer says. “We want them to experience what they know and like, but also expose them to new things as well.”

The group’s 2017 Christmas program is, in a way, a tribute to its tradition. Titled “An Old-Fashioned Christmas,” the performance will feature timeless songs and an appreciation of the practices and memories we all celebrate at Christmastime. 

Be on the lookout in February for the “American Songbook” performances and in April as the group presents “The Fabric of War and Peace.”

December 8–10

Friday: 8 p.m.
Saturday: 4 & 8 p.m.
Sunday: 3 p.m.

Historic Washington County Courthouse