Get Fit Quick at River Valley Athletic Club

River Valley’s 12-week fitness program might just be the ticket to your successful resolution.

For those looking to incorporate health and fitness in their New Year’s resolutions, River Valley Athletic Club in Stillwater has the perfect challenge.

Fluid Fitness and Nutrition is a 12-week program designed to make participants stronger and healthier. The program includes personal assessments and a nutritional consultation, along with two cardio and two resistance classes per week. Though 12 weeks is a longtime commitment, the program is designed to help ease you into a new lifestyle, and what better time to start than the beginning of a new year?

While many people participate for weight loss and have great results, others sign up to improve muscle imbalances, build endurance or exercise their way out of pain.
No matter your reason or level of commitment, River Valley probably has a class for you. Besides the 12-week program, the group offers 60 other classes, as well as personal or group training.