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by | Jun 2023

Luigi’s Mansion, LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar

Luigi’s Mansion, LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar. Photos: Chris Emeott

Local establishments are bringing the heat with flavorful mocktails.

See you next year, cold and brutal winter. The upcoming, warmer season encourages sunshine and … mocktails? Yes, really—nonalcoholic drinks are the must-try trend this summer. And there is no better time to sip on some flavorful concoctions than when our minds deserve a vacation.

There is a mocktail for nearly every taste bud, whether it is fruity, floral, sweet or tart. Restaurants within the area serve delicious varieties that invite customers, no matter the age, to enjoy a fun beverage. So, stop into some of these locations, and get sipping!

The Tilted Tiki

Head over to The Tilted Tiki to experience an island getaway in downtown Stillwater. The tropical bar and restaurant offers a wide variety of mocktails that contain high-quality, flavorful juices. Every drink comes accessorized with fruit in fun, tiki-style glasses, as well as unique cups shaped like a unicorn, blowfish, koala, banana and more.

Although this list’s drinks originally come as cocktails, general manager Jesse Estrin says you can ask your bartender to make a nonalcoholic version for all of them.

  • Hurricane is one storm you can’t miss. It is a sweet, fruity option with mango, passion fruit, lime and pineapple flavors. A hot choice for visitors to New Orleans, it has a second home at The Tilted Tiki. $7.
  • Tahitian Outrigger is for the pineapple fanatics. It is primarily a pineapple base, with passion fruit, lime, orgeat (an almond-sweetener syrup) and a splash of lemonade when mixed into a mocktail. $7.
Tahitian Outrigger, The Tilted Tiki

Tahitian Outrigger, The Tilted Tiki

  • Lava Flow looks as interesting as it tastes. One of the most popular options at The Tilted Tiki, it is served with pineapple juice and piña colada mix—a blend that is 50 percent coconut and 50 percent pineapple—with strawberry puree floating on the top. $7.

Pier 500
(Hudson, Wisconsin)

Pier 500 is welcoming no matter the weather. Enjoy outdoor dining when it is warm; or stay warm inside while sipping on something tasty in winter. Plus, it features undeniably great views of the St. Croix River Valley and Hudson Pier.

  • When life gives you lemons, drink Lavender Lemonade. It is a sweet and simple mix; classic lemonade is uplifted by floral hints from lavender sugar and lavender syrup with rosemary and mint. This mocktail is the summer-inspired sip you’ve been looking for. $6.
Lavender Lemonade, Pier 500

Lavender Lemonade, Pier 500

  • Raspberry Ginger Cider tastes like it sounds, with apple cider, raspberry puree and house-infused ginger syrup and soda. $6.

LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar
(Hudson, Wisconsin, and Stillwater)

Focusing on street food cuisine, this restaurant has three local locations—one in Wisconsin and two in Minnesota. It’s part of the LoLo Restaurant Group franchise, which also includes Lolito Cantina, Melt Pizza Company and Stillwater Proper.

“When it comes down to the nonalcoholic cocktails, it’s been a thing of ours since day one 10 years ago [when] we opened up,” says LoLo Restaurant Group owner Joe Ehlenz.

Find these drinks at the Stillwater location:

  • If No Shrubs sounds familiar, you might recall TLC’s throwback song No Scrubs. This carbonated mocktail features a berry shrub alongside lemon, rhubarb and raspberry syrup. $5.
  • Luigi’s Mansion contains a pistachio syrup, with lemon juice and heavy cream that adds richness to the carbonated drink, Ehlenz says. The green pistachios hint at Luigi’s green uniform. $6.
  • What About Your Fresno? is carbonated and contains a blueberry-poblano shrub, fresh lemon and fresno (a spiced red chili), bringing a hint of spice and acid. $5.
What About Your Fresno?, LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar

What About Your Fresno?, LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar

Find these drinks at the Hudson location:

  • Winds of Change has strawberry quinine (a tonic syrup), fresh lime, hop water and simple syrup. $5.
  • Let Kelly Kapowski save you … by the bell. Named after the Saved by the Bell TV show character, this carbonated drink contains muddled cucumber with arugula and lemon flavor profiles, topped with a smoked paprika rim. $5.

The Tilted Tiki
324 Main St. S. Stillwater; 651.342.2545
Facebook: The Tilted Tiki
Instagram: @thetiltedtiki

Pier 500
500 First St., Hudson, Wisconsin; 715.386.5504
Facebook: Pier 500
Instagram: @pier500hudson

LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar – Stillwater
233 Main St. S., Stillwater; 651.342.2461
Facebook: Lolo American Kitchen Stillwater
Instagram: @loloamericankitchen

LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar – Hudson
175 Second St., Hudson, Wisconsin; 715.808.8025
Facebook: Lolo American Kitchen Hudson
Instagram: @loloamericankitchen


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