St. Croix Valley’s Best Patio Dining Provides an ‘Unforgettable Experience’

by | Jun 2019

Pier 500 assistant general manager Katy Rugg enjoys a meal and a glass of white wine.

Photo: Joel Schnell

Our conversation with Pier 500 assistant general manager Katy Rugg.

Hudson’s Pier 500 is a veritable riverside institution—and a regular in several categories of our “Best of” list. We chatted with Katy Rugg, assistant general manager at Pier 500 who’s been onboard since the restaurant changed ownership in 2005. She shared with us her favorite seat, her favorite meal—and what’s kept her coming back all these years:

What first brought you to “the Pier?”
I was a training consultant day one when Andy Kron bought the restaurant, formerly known as The Riversides. I initially came just to help train during the opening, but I fell in love with the community and the vision we had for the restaurant. Hudson quickly became my home.

What are you ordering, and where will you sit?
In the summer months, I would sit at 103: the table at the very south end of the patio, against the railing closet to the Hudson sign. Best seat in the house! In the winter, I would take one of the four booths around the fireplace. No matter what time of year, I would be ordering the prime rib, medium rare, no special requests. It’s the best prime rib I have had anywhere.

What keeps you coming back to work?
I have a passion for taking care of people. To be able to work alongside a team who also shares my vision is the best part of my day. We strive to turn an average night out or a quick lunch into an unforgettable experience, and we hope that the memory of that experience will bring our guests back. Number two is the guests. So many people have been loyal to us from day one. I have been blessed with many friendships that started as a result of Pier 500.

What’s changed since you started?
Downtown Hudson has exploded with local business and turned itself into a destination. Word is out that Hudson is a great town with a buzzing downtown and easy access to the river.


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