Get Creative at Lift Bridge Co-Work in Downtown Stillwater

by | Apr 2020

Lift Bridge Co-Work in downtown Stillwater

The modern industrial vibe is perfect for being productive. Photos: Ashleigh Rachel Photography

A non-traditional co-working space facilitates productivity.

The rise of boutique co-working spaces fills the niche between constricting corporate cubicles and the often-distracting work from home environment. Jill Kaufenberg of Marine on St. Croix understands exactly what entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed creatives need to be most productive and she provides exactly that with her new co-working space, Lift Bridge Co-Work, in downtown Stillwater.

Jill Kaufenberg

Jill Kaufenberg; Make-up: Mindie Streich/Makeup by Mindie

“I always loved the architecture of the building,” Kaufenberg says of the brick and timber structure that blends the best of retro and modern vibes. “I told my husband ‘I think we should buy that building.’” The couple ended up purchasing the building in 2016 and spent two years renovating what once was an art gallery. And it only took one breakfast at Mon Petit Cheri in Minneapolis to know they wanted to lure the bakery to their space in Stillwater. Once their tenant was secured, they created a commercial kitchen for them.

Kaufenberg then pondered what business would complement the bakery. Her 15 years in marketing inspired the co-working concept. “I developed what I would have wanted as a remote sales rep,” she says. “A pleasant space with a little background noise and available food.”

Lift Bridge Co-Work

The four conference rooms are nice for client meetings and the individual sit/stand desks are perfect for productivity. Since opening in May of 2019, Lift Bridge Co-Work has attracted architects, entrepreneurs, software developers, contractors and even podcasters. To learn more about memberships and daily passes, visit


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