Rosé, Gin and Sours: A Local Expert’s Patio Drink Picks

by | Apr 2020

Spring wine recommendations

Photos: Tate Carlson

Pro tips for perfect patio sipping.

Nothing says, “warmer weather is ahead” more than a fresh batch of rosé wines. In springtime our rosé section grows with new releases of aromatic, crisp, citrusy and bright rosé wines. These aren’t like your mother’s or grandmother’s white zinfandel. These pretty pink wines are created for pairing with light appetizers, cheeses and seafood. They also pair perfectly with a lawn chair and sunny skies. And since we can’t open all of the new releases by ourselves, we host an annual event the Saturday before Mother’s Day on The Nova patio where we open over 50 different bottles to sample. Our go-to for picking new rosé usually goes like this: Is it under $20 per bottle and does it have a cool label and a screw-off cap? This method of selection is successful more than 80 percent of the time. But you should try some new rosés for yourself this spring and summer and see what you think. Our current favorites include Ame du Vin Rose (Provence, France), Angels & Cowboys Rose (Sonoma, California) and Massaya Rose (Beqaa Valley, Lebanon).

Cocktail recommendations for spring

Everyone needs a new seasonal cocktail and gin is all the rage right now. Not gins that taste like a Christmas tree, but a new type of gin brought to you by the craft cocktail scene that emphasizes different flavors like orange, lemon, grapefruit and even some more exotic flavors like blueberry, green tea, rhubarb, yuzu, olives, basil and strawberry. There are several easy mixers to pair with these new gins but don’t make it too complicated. Pick a gin you want to try (of course we’re here to help) and then select a fun tonic and a little simple syrup to increase body and structure to your cocktail. A little lemon juice will make all of the flavors pop. If you haven’t enjoyed gin in the past, you likely haven’t tried the right one yet.

Spring beers

What are sour beers and why would anybody want to drink one? Light in body, crisp on your palate, slightly tart on the finish. Most are also associated with a fruit to sweeten them up. Bright and refreshing is usually the goal with this style of beer, but they aren’t all the same. Sample a few at a bar or brewery or grab some singles the next time you’re shopping. A “beer nerd” in our store can help you find one to enjoy on a warm spring day.

Tyrrell Gaffer is the owner & manager of Historic Casanova Liquor Store & The Nova Wine Bar.


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