Volunteer Opportunities

Share your heart at Christian Community Homes and Services, Inc. in Hudson
Shelly DeStasio and Irene Sanderson know the bonds created by volunteering.

Whether you’re interested in stepping into the world of volunteering, or you’ve volunteered for over half your life, there are always new opportunities to help others. Nonprofit senior home, Christian Community Home (CCH), always has opportunities for volunteers, according to CCH customer relations and volunteer coordinator Shelly DeStasio.

For the crafty type, now is the perfect time to start volunteering. CCH begins its prep for its November Craft and Bake Sale. Swing by and help the seniors make crafts to benefit the home. DeStasio says they’re also always looking for musicians to play around 4 p.m. Monday–Friday to entertain residents before dinner.

DeStasio notes CCH volunteers are extremely committed. She works with some who have been coming back for over 40 years. There is even a group of five high school seniors who have been giving manicures to residents every Wednesday after school since they were freshmen.

If the idea of volunteering seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry. CCH details all of its volunteering opportunities on its website. Just fill out an application to get started. The hardest part may be deciding what you want to do. But so long as you’re doing something you believe in, you’ll surely be coming back week after week.