Stillwater Mayor Shares Some Early Employment Memories

Everyone has had a job they didn’t like much, those gigs we did to pay the rent just out of college. In recognition of Labor Day and everyone who works in and around the St. Croix Valley, we asked Stillwater mayor Ted Kozlowski about his early work history.

Kozlowski’s first “real job” was at Trump’s Bar & Restaurant in Stillwater as a bar back and host. He says his boss “was a perfectionist and was not afraid to use expletives to explain exactly how you were not doing a job up to his standards.” The job included carrying beer, cutting lemons and limes,  and cleaning glasses.
While Trump’s may not have seemed ideal at the time, Kozlowski can look back at the opportunity with fond memories. “I definitely learned how to deal with constructive criticism,” he says. “They had high expectations for their staff and it was a challenging job, but we had a ton of fun and it was a great family to be a part of.”