Remodel Your Kitchen with Local Salvaged Materials

by | Apr 2019

Salvage kitchen remodel

Photos: Kelli Kaufer

Repurposed items can make your remodel amazing.

Try mixing vintage and modern in your home makeover like in this urban family kitchen.

Base cabinets are from a local Minnesota school. Their old wooden bleachers were being removed and replaced with new metal bleachers. So instead of having the discarded bleachers go into the garbage, we modified them to become cabinet door and drawer fronts. [Antique Woodworks in Gaylord, Minn. does provides similar materials.]

The countertops are salvaged slate chalkboards that were going to be thrown away. We bought them from the local salvage yard Bauer Brothers.

Similar salvaged metal piping for the towel and utensil bars seen here can likely be found at any salvage store or buy new at a local big box store.

The kitchen before the remodel.

The kitchen before the remodel.

Kelli Kaufer is a local interior design expert known for her DIY design tips.


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