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grew up in a city, removed and unfamiliar with where food came from beyond the local grocery store or restaurant. I’m not proud of my past ignorance. My husband’s farm-raised family once had a good laugh at my belief that elevators are only for moving small groups of people up and down in high-rise buildings. I’ve learned a lot since then and tried to ensure our children were exposed to some farming knowledge throughout their lives. Of course, I’m counting the Little Farm Hands exhibit and the Miracle of Birth Barn at the Minnesota State Fair as “exposure” to farming, but hey, it’s more than I had.

This month, we spotlight a few farm hands who wanted to share their love of the agricultural life with those sometimes even less likely to have such experiences, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The founders of 21 Roots Farm seek to provide meaningful opportunities in nature, animal therapy and knowing where food comes from through farming activities. Learn more about this inspiring organization in our feature 21 Roots.

There’s also no reason in this day and age for any among us to remain ignorant regarding topics of diversity and inclusion. So, we are happy to share some insight into the work of the Hudson Inclusion Alliance, including information about a 30.1 foot long mural installed at the Phipps Center for the Arts, 30.1 miles from the place where George Floyd lost his life in 2020—Not many miles from here, yet a world away. The purpose of the mural is to help bridge that distance. Learn more about the Hudson Inclusion Alliance here.

–Angela Johnson

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