Brothers in the Sunset

by | Aug 2021

Brothers in the Sunset

Photo: Kim Spenser

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Lens on St. Croix Valley photo contest in the pages of St. Croix Valley Magazine and online. This month, we asked Kim Spenser to tell us about her 2020 first place photograph in the People and Families category titled Brothers in the Sunset.

Where/when was the photo taken?

“At my daughter’s house in Hudson, Wis.” where sunsets are stunning because they often incorporate nature scenery and oftentimes views of the idyllic St. Croix River.

What inspired the shot?

“The beautiful sunset.” Experts say you should keep shooting even after the sun appears to have gone down. The view of a sunset changes constantly as the sun lowers in the sky—making every additional minute another opportunity for a different shot. So, don’t just click a few shots and call it quits. Keep clicking and experiment until you capture just an image you truly love.

What’ your favorite thing about this image?

“The boys.” Capturing silhouettes is a common practice for photographers experimenting with sunset photography. They can be beautiful and mysterious, or in this case, simply adorable.


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