Quiet Luxury With Timeless Pieces

by | Oct 2023

Photo: Alexandra Eve

Bold colors, prints and the logo-mania trend are on their way out, and this season we are seeing quiet luxury take over. But what exactly is quiet luxury, and how can you incorporate this trend into your closet this autumn? Let’s cover the basics of this new take on a classic style.

Quiet luxury is based around the theme of high-end luxury pieces that will never go out of style and are tailored to perfection. These pieces are often found in neutral colors, monochromatic looks, luxurious fabrications and subtle details.

To update your wardrobe to include more quiet luxury items, here are some key points to look for when shopping:

  • Fabrications: wool, cashmere, silk, merino wool, knits, tweeds and linen
  • Colors: white, cream, camel, navy, black and gray
  • Pieces: blazers, jackets, denim, base layers, trousers, accessories and footwear

Quiet luxury is a shift toward more timeless pieces that have a greater cost-per-wear than the logo-based trends we have seen in the past.

Alexandra Eve is a local stylist and wardrobe consultant. To learn more and get advice on incorporating quiet luxury into your closet this season, visit alexandraeve.net.


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