Local Chiropractors Share Tips for Happy, Healthy Living

by | Dec 2019

Monica Veil, D.C., and Anna Anderson, D.C., founders of Revival Chiropractic in Stillwater.

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We asked the founders of Revival Chiropractic in Stillwater to share some easy ways to de-stress.

The founders of Revival Chiropractic in Stillwater are Monica Veil, D.C., and Anna Anderson, D.C. They work together in the clinic using what they describe as a gentle precise adjusting technique. They believe that chiropractic is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, they think it is “usually that missing piece of the puzzle that people are looking for.” That’s because they say a healthy nervous system is essential for real health and chiropractic is all about getting you there.

With that in mind we asked them to share some tips for happy, healthy living. Veil told us she and Anderson believe a big part of healthy living is managing stress.

“In our office, we teach our patients about the various types of stress that influence our health,” Veil says. “There are three types of stress we encounter on a daily basis: chemical, physical and emotional.”

The doctors encourage their patients to keep a stress journal to help them become aware of the things in their daily routines that are adding stress in those three categories. The journal makes it easier to see areas needing attention. Identifying problems makes it easier to address them and helps people take steps toward a healthier life.

“Many of us don’t even realize the amount of stress we are under on a daily basis,” Veil says. “Keeping a journal allows [our patients] to acknowledge problems and take action on living a healthier life.”

Veil and Anderson say their clinic is organized around the idea that healthy families are important. “If one person in the family is not feeling their best, it affects everyone,” Veil says. A less-than-healthy family member who can’t fully participate in family life means that a piece is missing from the family puzzle.

And, when Veil and Anderson talk about the whole family, they really mean the whole family … even babies.

Revival Chiropractic

“Birth is a beautiful, natural process but is hard on a baby even in the most natural birthing situations,” Veil says, on how Revival treats even young babies. “The entire birth and delivery experience is stressful on a baby’s body. That stress and tension can get stuck, which interferes with how well their body functions on a deeper level.”

The doctors say you should get your newborn checked by a pediatric chiropractor soon after birth. These adjustments release the stress on the nervous system and allow it to function at its best.

Veil and Anderson say the most important tip they can give is to encourage you to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle that includes regular adjustments. “Adjustments allow the body to release stuck stress and tension,” Veil says. “Allowing the body to move to a state of balance and function as it was intended to!”

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