Juice Fever

by | Apr 2022

The Goodery green juice on a counter.

Photos: Naomi Liester

The Goodery brings fresh-pressed juices, plant-based milks and more to Stillwater.

From the supermarket shelves to the coffee bars around town, fresh-pressed juices seem to be popping up left and right. For Minnesota natives Melissa Parkos and Emily Iannazzo, hopping on the cold-pressed juice bandwagon fit their lifestyle—and their personal dream.

Iannazzo and Parkos come from similar backgrounds—Iannazzo had been traveling and living in Colorado while Parkos had been traveling and living around the country, including Florida and Chicago. Four years ago, without knowing one another, they had both decided to move back to Stillwater,
where family roots run strong.

“I came back to Stillwater [four] years ago, and it’s been so fun to see my great-uncle John Runk, who took photos of steamboats in Stillwater. It’s really fun to see,” Iannazzo says. Runk came to Stillwater in 1884; now, Lens Flare Stillwater has dedicated its project to him for his historical contributions to the community.

When Parkos moved home to her childhood town, she opened Jori and June, a clothing boutique in downtown Stillwater. The boutique closed its doors prior to COVID-19, leaving an open space in Parkos’ entrepreneur mindset.

“We met at a kid’s birthday party shortly after her family moved back from Chicago,” Iannazzo says. “We had this vision of a juice bar, and we’d been talking about it at birthday parties or on the sidelines of lacrosse games. We finally decided it was time, and we thought Stillwater might be ready for it.”

Melissa Parkos and Emily Iannazzo

Melissa Parkos and Emily Iannazzo

Before opening their brick-and-mortar juicing location, the duo tested the waters with an online shop. “It was at the beginning of COVID, and most restaurants were takeout only, so it made sense to start that way,” Iannazzo says. After a successful six months of selling fresh-pressed juices online, the pair officially opened The Goodery in June 2021.

“Being in Stillwater is important for both of us, and this was a nice location … It made sense and just fell into place,” Iannazzo says. The Goodery, donned with an appealing black-and-white aesthetic, offers fresh-pressed juices alongside cleanses, boosters, plant-based milks and more. In winter, it offers heat-and-serve soups; all-year-round customers can shop for sustainable and simple products, like skincare or cocktail kits, designed to “make our lives easier,” Parkos says.

With an appreciation for “something more natural,” Parkos says this is what sets their brand apart from the juices found elsewhere. “We’re trying to educate people, to tell them that there’s additives in other products, and they’re not as beneficial as you’d think,” she says. “We are here to help people, be honest and provide the best of the best.”

Since the opening, both Iannazzo and Parkos say people have walked in every day and welcomed the business to the community. They’re also always listening to what the community is looking for. “People appreciate that,” Parkos says. “Our customers really are repeat customers, and they all say juices are what they need.”

Though the name, The Goodery, writes a feel-good narrative, it’s also an ode to Iannazzo’s mother. “The name, Goodery, has good feelings. We decided to go with it because my mother’s maiden name is Goodrie,” she says. “I lost her to cancer when I was 16, and she was 40. Part of the reasoning behind the juicing aspect is because of health issues. We’re both super passionate about making being healthy easy for people, so creating the brand and honoring her in that way is the fuel behind everything we do.”

Parkos agrees and says, “It’s called The Goodery because we want to encourage people to do good, be good and live as good as you can. Good is enough. You don’t have to be perfect. We all struggle every day, and if you can put good into your body and use good things in your body, then that’s good enough.”

Colorful bottles of fruit and vegetable juice.

Sip the Rainbow

The Goodery has an array of aesthetically pleasing (and tasty!) juices and “lemon-aids.” Sip your way around the rainbow with these colorful drinks.

Vitality: This pink-red toned juice nourishes your mind, body and soul. With ingredients like oranges, beets, carrots and lemons, it’s packed with vitamins B and C, leading to boost your health and energy.

Immune: This orange juice is said to boost your immune system, and with ingredients including carrot, grapefruit, turmeric and cayenne, it’s sure to pack a punch!

Refresh: “Sunshine in a bottle!” according to The Goodery’s website. This juice is subtly sweet and contains green apple, lime, yellow bell pepper, pineapple, cucumber and mint.

Energy: This powerhouse sip contains prebiotics, vitamin B and C and chlorophyll, from ingredients including green apple, cucumber, kale, spinach and more.

Dreamer: Talk about a looker! This bright blue “lemon-aid” contains filtered alkaline water, lemon, honey and blue spirulina—a superfood that works to flush away toxins.

Wild One: With rosemary, blueberry, lemon, honey and filtered alkaline water, this “lemon-aid” is full of antioxidants created to balance your body.

Stillwater Sips and Bites!

Both Parkos and Iannazzo are Stillwater natives—meaning they have their favorite coffee shops, cafes and restaurants around town.

Favorite Breakfast:
Parkos: Whitey’s Saloon
Iannazzo: Oasis Café or Daily Grind Espresso Café

Favorite Coffee/Café:
Parkos: Green Bridge Coffee or Main Café “I love that it’s the old town atmosphere.”
Iannazzo: Nina’s Coffee Café “We’ve met with June, the owner, and she used to own a juice bar in Stillwater. So, we connect on a deeper level, and her coffee is delightful.”

Favorite Restaurant:
Parkos: LoLo American Kitchen or Manger Restaurant and Wine Bar
Iannazzo: “There are so many! I can’t pick just one.”

Favorite Burger:
Parkos: “Oasis Café has a great burger.”
Iannazzo: LoLo American Kitchen

Favorite Dessert:
Parkos: “I always go for cheesecake, so any menu with cheesecake!”
Iannazzo: Matchstick Restaurants & Spirits, Hotel Crosby or Lora

Favorite Cocktail:
Parkos: Lolito Cantina “They name the drinks funny, so that always makes us giggle and laugh. I love their spicy tequila drink.”
Iannazzo: “That’s a tricky one. I don’t have a favorite!”


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