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by | Apr 2022

Twin Cities Orthopedics' world class facility in Stillwater.

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Twin Cities Orthopedics opens world class facility in Stillwater.

The weather is warming up, which means spring sports and hobbies are underway—although it’s all fun and games, there’s always a risk for injury. Those in need of rehabilitation, due to a sports injury or something else, can head to Stillwater for Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO).

Its new location, which opened in fall 2021, offers every facet of orthopedic care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds, plus urgent care.

In addition to the orthopedic care, the new facility has a large fieldhouse attached to the building, which allows staff to have everything it may need under one roof, so there’s no more outsourcing any aspects of care. “It’s a welcoming and clean space,” Steven Meisterling, M.D., says. “The fieldhouse is so nice and state of the art.”

The fieldhouse sports batting cages, a sport court, gravity treadmills, weights, a golf performance zone with technology capable of tracking your swing and more. “The fieldhouse and all of the sports performance services are actually provided by Training HAUS,” Meisterling says.

Training HAUS, an elite performance training and recovery center with its flagship location based in Eagan, offers many different services for athletes, specifically high school and collegiate athletes. Some of its services include sports-specific training, sports psychology training and sports recovery. Like TCO, it uses some of the best technology possible, like the Kintread Pressure Treadmill, which identifies an athlete’s small movements.

Though everything in the TCO facility is designed to improve sports performance, that’s not its only focus.

Other TCO services includes specialty surgery care, along with other services to the general public, like personal training, registered dieticians, massage therapists and more. “Our job is to relieve pain and restore function,” Meisterling says. “That’s whether you’re a high-end football player or just a walker.” And though the medical field is always advancing, TCO is doing its best to advance with it. Meisterling says it has the newest equipment and technology possible for the time being; though there’s room for expansion, so it can adapt as necessary.

The location heals more than just injuries—it’s healing the community, too. In 2015, TCO merged with St. Croix Orthopedics, a business started by Meisterling’s father and David Palmer, M.D., back in the ’70s. His father made it a point to be a part of the community and not just a business, and TCO is continuing to do that now. The company donates medical supplies to local schools; it also partners with high schools across the state to provide sports medicine services to the student-athletes.

The Twin Cities Orthopedics Foundation is another way it gives back to the community. The foundation works to continue research and medical innovation, supports organizations like the United Heroes League and provides funding support for student-athlete concussion testing across the Metro.

Meisterling says many TCO staff members live in the area, so it’s not just the city where they work—they take pride in knowing they’re serving their community with some of the best technology possible. “This is our home,” Meisterling says. “Half of our patients are friends and family.” Not only do physicians live in the area, but they own TCO, too—they’re community members working to serve their neighborhood.

Meisterling loves the effect the building has already had on both the TCO staff and the community. “It has reenergized us,” Meisterling says. “We really appreciate the support from this community.”

Twin Cities Orthopedics
5715 Memorial Ave. N., Stillwater
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Instagram: @twincitiesortho


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