Give Where You Live

by | Jun 2024

Jim and Judy Freund

Jim and Judy Freund. Photo: Ejaz Saifullah, Corridor Design

Jim and Judy Freund grew up on family farms in Wisconsin. They saw generosity embodied by family and community members who cared for each other, gave of themselves and connected to the land around them.

“In a rural area, if anybody had a need, everybody rallied around it,” Judy says. Now retired from careers teaching (Judy) and working in finance for 3M (Jim), the Freunds have called the St. Croix Valley home for decades.

“We’re connected with people up and down the river in not only deep economic ways, but also in environmental ways,” says Judy, sharing the impetus behind the establishment of the Environmental Field of Interest Fund at St. Croix Valley Foundation. While the Freunds’ donation established the Field of Interest Fund, anyone can donate to it. That’s exactly what they hope will happen.

“We go by the philosophy that those that have been fortunate should be sharing more with others,” Jim says. “Rather than share some of our available funds when we die, we’d rather do it now while we can see what’s happening to it.”

Alauna Yust is the marketing communications manager at St. Croix Valley Foundation. Learn about the Environmental Field of Interest Fund and more about ways to give where you live at


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