Hunting Style

Bag the best birds this month with safe and practical clothing.

Perhaps it’s only the avid fowl hunter who knows the month of April hosts a special conservation-based light geese open season in Minnesota (through April 30, to be exact). This is where Hudson-based Striker gear comes into play.

Striker Brands began in 2005 and initially created snowmobile wear. Though that part of their business is now in the past, 2009 brought about Striker ICE, which caters mainly to the ice-fishing customer. The company’s protective suits include Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology and are equipped with zoned parcels. The wearer does not need to inflate anything to be protected if they fall into the ice. Striker is all about creating wearable products, combining safety features with outdoor practicality, all of which is essential to any outdoorsy Valley resident three seasons of the year, fall, winter or spring. Not only do the ICE line suits have flotation technology, but they’re also designed to be of top-notch quality and provide as much warmth as possible.

Striker also has a Blind brand, which is a waterfowl hunting line. Jennifer Jacobson, the sales and marketing director for Striker, says the company has two primary camo patterns. Marsh Mayhem is perfect for cattails, while Chiseled Chaos works well in “plowed fields or flooded timbers,” she says. The company has a full range of gear and products in both prints, all sure to keep your hunt at its peak level.

Jacobson explains that safety and warmth is important to Striker in the design of both of these lines. She recommends layering under the outerwear in order to have options for spring days, which in the Minnesotan climate “can fluctuate 20–40 degrees during the day,” she says. Striker’s range of clothing options covers everything from the first layer to the last, as well as hats, gloves, footwear and a variety of other hunting accessories.