How to Customize Your Kitchen with a Unique Backsplash

by | Feb 2019

DIY interior design expert Kelli Kaufer

Photo: Tate Carlson

Go for it and do the entire backsplash or simply highlight the area over the range.

Homeowners like to create spaces that reflect their personal style. One area to do this is your kitchen backsplash. Go for it and do the entire backsplash or simply highlight the area over the range.

Some unique backsplashes I’ve created for clients include:

  • Using stained glass to create a traditional yet modern flair. Find stained glass sheets at a local art store. Discover colors that coordinate with your interiors as well as glass cutting tools. I created round pieces in three sizes by using a circle glasscutter. Multiple colors create interest.
  • Try a modern vintage style with old bottle caps found online. The flared edges make great spacers. Just place the edges touching each other in a straight line.
  • Play up some heritage by using Grandma’s treasured button collection. Find extras at garage sales, fabric stores or online. Different sizes and colors add more fun.
  • For a playful twist in your cabin, bar or chalet, collect used skis from second hand stores or garage sales. Irregular shaped black tiles enhance the salvaged skis nicely.

Installation Tips:

  • Use a double-sided sticky mat to arrange your pieces so they can be easily moved if needed.
  • Keep the spaces between each piece uniform
    Use un-sanded grout so you don’t scratch delicate surfaces.
  • A grout bag (like a pastry bag) saves on grout.
  • A sponge and bucket and you’re good to go.
  • Have fun by adding personal style to your home.

Kelli Kaufer is a local interior design expert known for her DIY design tips.


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