A Fresh Take on Dried Flowers

by | Aug 2021

Bouquet of dried flowers.

Pexels/cottonbro studio

Get in on this popular design trend.

An emerging popular trend is the use of dried flowers to decorate the home, with a plethora of blooming beauties popping up everywhere.

Flowers are a lovely addition to any home. But, with a relatively short shelf life, they aren’t always budget friendly. Luckily, the new dried flowers floral trend changes that. Dried blooms will last all year long, and you won’t need to change the water or worrying about forgetting to throw flowers out when past their peak. An added perk is that you can get a little more creative with color when opting for dried flowers. You can keep things neutral with natural wheat stems or inject a burst of color with things like dyed pampas grass and colorful dried flowers.

A new concept in dried flowers is a dried flower bar. This trend has taken over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards across the country. It is a build a flower bouquet station filled with various flowers, vases and grasses where you get to create your own dried floral arrangement.

Smith + Trade Mercantile in Stillwater offers a dried flower bar where you’ll find a wide variety of dried florals from local Minnesota growers as well as handcrafted vases, pottery and containers.

So, it’s easier than ever to incorporate the beautiful dried flower trend in your own home and also have fun making your own personalized arrangements for friends and family.

Contributed by Kelli Kaufer, interior designer and co-owner of Smith + Trade Mercantile, 229 Main Street, Stillwater, Minn. smithandtrade.com


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