Carpenter Nature Center Brings You the Art of Maple Syruping

Learn the art of maple syruping in a local class this month.
Sugar Season: March temperatures are ideal for tapping maple trees for their syrup-producing sap.

Maple syruping is “one of those ‘rites of spring’ in the Midwest,” says Jennifer Vieth, executive director of Carpenter Nature Center. She offers a variety of March classes at the Minneapolis campus and plans to offer them at the Valley center soon, since her crew planted 100 sugar maples on the site last year. Classes are as follows:

1–3 p.m. March 10:
Scout Program: Making Maple Syrup

10–11 a.m. March 16:
Preschool Story Time: Making Maple Syrup Interactive Program

1–3 p.m. March 18 and 25:
General Public Program: Making Maple Syrup

Vieth says maple syruping in the early spring is the perfect way to see nature waking up. “Not only do program attendees get to learn about the ancient process of making maple syrup from natural processes, but they also get to observe all the changes going on in the natural world,” she says. It’s a great way to get outside, learn an ancient skill and experience nature.
Carpenter Nature Center has classes for all ages, and no prior knowledge is needed. Vieth encourages everyone to give this activity a shot, since exposure to nature has been proven to provide mental and physical benefits. And among the many other benefits, Vieth says, “It’s also interactive and all ages enjoy hands-on learning.”