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by | Aug 2019

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The Hudson salon’s experts dish out advice on dry hair, fall trends, going grey and must-have purse items.
  1. Tips for caring for dry, sun-damaged hair? ​ Most professional hair care lines have a product that is like sunscreen for the hair. They protect hair from UV rays. These products are usually applied before sun exposure, which helps prevent damage from happening in the first place. Ask your professional hair stylist which product he/she recommends. Also, a cute hat can help prevent the harmful UV rays from reaching your hair, scalp and face. If you do have dry, sun-damaged hair, a haircut and deep conditioning treatment will shape it right up. I highly recommend an Olaplex Treatment for deep conditioning. This will pretty much bring your hair back to its natural healthy condition. It’s amazing stuff! If you have damage from chlorine, I recommend a Malibu treatment prior to your chosen deep conditioning treatment.
  2. Fall hairstyle trends that work well for an active lifestyle? ​ There are a few fall trends that work great for an active lifestyle in the cold Midwest. Retain the breezy charm of summer with effortless, tousled, flowing waves. From bob length to the middle of your back, these make life low maintenance because no perfection is needed and they look cool. Next: braids! They are romantic and timelessly feminine. And there are no restrictions on the type of braids this season: edgy, dainty, ballerina braid crowns, loose pulled out braids or just a simple braid. They are all perfect to hold your hair in its place while you run wild. Last but not least, the famous messy bun. Yep, it’s still in and still awesome. Easy and cute, just plop that mop on top of your head and call it a day. I recommend an Invisibobble. They are the best for messy buns.
  3. Your thoughts on going grey?​ Of course, embrace your natural self. It shows wisdom and life lived … but I get it. It definitely can age you and sometimes isn’t the beautiful grey you hoped for. You have many options. It all depends on what your current hair is like and where you want it to be … and how much maintenance you want it to entail. You can enhance what you have with a grey brightening toner or colored shampoo/conditioner combo. If you choose to color, grey is more difficult to cover so if you want full coverage, plan to sit and process longer, a longer visit at the salon. You can do a more natural-looking highlight/lowlight combo with a blonde and a color most natural to your virgin hair. And if you want it all covered, you can do a full base color with highlights/lowlights. Balayage is a technique that would also be a great option for a more natural look that grows out nicely. That’s the just beginning of the possibilities. The colors you choose will also help determine the frequency of trips to the salon. And then one day, many years later, you all of a sudden don’t care what anyone thinks and are so sick of the time it takes and maintenance it requires. You come back to us and say, “I want to gradually and gracefully go back to my natural grey.” We have processes for that, too, and these are some of my favorite clients.
  4. A must-have product or item every woman should carry in her purse? ​ My immediate answer would be a good lip balm. But this is really a hard question, because I feel there are a lot of things women should always carry in their purse: hand lotion, bobby pins, hair binder, brush, mace, lipstick, peppermint oil, a lighter, Swiss army knife, nail file. And I could probably think of more. If you’re me right now … I’m testing out magnetic eyelashes and I won’t go anywhere without the magnetic eyeliner. Just in case one of the little buggers starts falling off. Which does happen and I am so thankful that I have my magnetic eyeliner with. Ha!

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