Ancient Methods in a Modern World

by | Feb 2022

Medicinal Blends Modern Apothercary shop interior.

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Stillwater shop Medicinal Blends Modern Apothecary goes back to ancient methods in a modern world.

Although the world is full of modern advancements, sometimes the old-fashioned way takes the cake. Whether it’s growing your own vegetables or writing a handwritten note, old methods of life have their advantages. And one older tradition is making a popular comeback: herbalism.

As people have searched for new ways to treat ailments, some have turned to plants for herbal remedies. As the popularity has grown, people like Kathleen Schubert have started to open businesses selling these herbal blends to help others reap the benefits. 

Schubert operates Medicinal Blends Modern Apothecary in downtown Stillwater and is doing her best to promote the benefits of herbalism. “Once you learn about botanical medicine, you can become your own healer,” Schubert says. “It helps people sleep better, relieve stress, support their immune system and more.”

Kathleen Schubert

Herbalism uses a holistic approach to treat the body, unlike targeting one specific ailment. Herbal remedies for pain relief are said to treat the problem area while giving other benefits to the body. CBD, for example, may help with joint pain as well as anxiety or falling asleep.

“People are searching for peace and want calmness when looking for other options besides modern medicine,” Schubert says, noting that she attributes the rise of herbalism to the desire for plant-based alternatives.

Although there are practically endless varieties of herbal remedies around the world, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Schubert says natural mushrooms have become incredibly popular as of late. One mushroom, named lion’s mane, is thought to improve cognitive health; chaga, found locally, is grown on birch trees and has antioxidants, according to Schubert.

Medicinal Blends shop interior.

Schubert does not pressure anyone into trying herbal remedies but notes that they can be beneficial to a variety of people. “Once the integrity of the product is understood, most concerns go away,” she says.

The shop offers a variety of herbal remedies, which come in different forms to give users options on how they want to ingest the herbs. There’s everything from tinctures and powders to teas and coffees. Plus, Schubert gets as much of her products from local herbalists as possible, although she recognizes some herbs from around the world are beneficial and will have some of those in the store as well. The chaga mushroom hails from Duluth, but some other come from Michigan or the Appalachian Mountains. The store’s CBD is organic and is sourced from Wisconsin. “Taking herbs can become as habitual as eating fruits and vegetables,” Schubert says.

Shelf of products at Medicinal Blends

While she’s not mixing her own blends yet, Schubert hopes to soon have an herbalist in the store to help answer questions and educate everyone on the products. In the spring, Medicinal Blends sells medicinal plants, so others can grow their own plants and make remedies at home.

Schubert says the store isn’t the “old hippie scene” like people might expect, noting its contemporary, modern feel. “We’re one of the only stores in the Midwest doing what we’re doing,” she says. “I think that’s pretty cool.”

In-Store Shopping

Medicinal Blends has many products that just about anyone will find beneficial. Arguably, the most popular product across the country these days is CBD. The store offers CBD tinctures, topicals, ingestibles and patches. Pain relief is the most common ailment treated with CBD, but Medicinal Blends offers patches specialized to help with sleep, anxiety and more.

Elderberry syrup is another popular product at Medicinal Blends and strives to improve one’s overall immune health, which is something most can use help with during a Midwestern winter.

Blue Lotus is an option for those struggling with sleep or looking to relax and meditate. Sold commonly as a tea, it makes for a great drink right before going to bed to help with a good night’s rest.

Turmeric is another ingredient with a variety of benefits. Inflammation is commonly treated with it, but it’s also used as a skincare product. The Turmeric and Honey Facial Mask aims to exfoliate and moisturize skin, helping with acne and wrinkles.

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