Enter the Badlands

by | Dec 2021

Kids on snow tubes downhill at winter day.


Outdoor enthusiasts love this famous snow park.

For the past five decades, the Badlands Snow Park has been a prominent recreation area in Hudson, Wis. Founded in 1970, the resort offers snow activities and relaxation. Currently in its 51st year, Badlands remains a destination for snow tubers ever excited to slide those hills in winter.

This 25-acre resort has seven hills and five rope tows. What makes these hills so much more exciting than elsewhere? The Badlands Snow Park is said to have the tallest, longest and steepest snow tubing hills in the nation,

Tickets are required in order to enjoy the resort. It’s best to arrive a half an hour before a shift. Once you arrive, customers must show their purchase receipt email to claim their tickets at the check-in booth. Every tuber is responsible for knowing when it’s safe to go down a hill and must follow the obligations presented in the Wisconsin Tubing Responsibility code.

This famed resort doesn’t just offer steep hills for tubing but also chalets for renting. Depending on the occasion, chalets can be available to rent for an evening or an entire weekend. The chalets are popular for weddings, reunions, parties and even memorial services. Overnight chalet renters can sleep in and enjoy a walk across the resort’s beautiful frozen pond.

Whether you’re ready to challenge yourself in snow tubing on the tallest hills or just want to relax in a comfortable chalet for a quiet weekend, email info@badlandsoffice.com to plan a visit, and discover why this local gem is so highly praised.  

The Badlands Snow Park
772 Kinney Road, Hudson, Wis.; 715.386.1856


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