Short-Eared Owl

by | Oct 2023

Short-Eared Owl

Photo: Lisa Townsend

For Hudson wildlife photographer Lisa Townsend, a spontaneous stop led to an amazing find. “I had been with a friend photographing ducks [that] morning. On my way home that evening, I thought I would stop by one of my favorite birding areas, Willow River Wildlife Area in western St. Croix County. To my surprise, there were two short-eared owls flying around actively hunting … It was an amazing thing to see.”

“This photo is special to me because of the unexpected find,” she says. “Finding the owls and getting to be by myself to experience them. Sometimes, you really just need to be in the right spot at the right time!”

Photographer: Lisa Townsend
Title: Short-Eared Owl
Equipment: Canon R5 with 800mm lens
Location: Willow River Wildlife Area
Category: Wildlife & Nature
Award: First Place


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