Sara’s Tipsy Pies Opens Storefront in Stillwater

by | Oct 2019

Six of Sara's Tipsy Pies

Photos: Chris Emeott

Fans of Sara’s Tipsy Pies can get their fix in the new Stillwater shop.

The flaky, golden crust, delicious warmth and oozing fillings are just some of the reasons to love Sara Hayden’s handheld pies. But these little pies are packed with a little punch of alcohol, too, which is why Hayden aptly named the boozy brand Sara’s Tipsy Pies. The success from selling her pies since 2012 has led Hayden to open a new retail space in Stillwater. [Scheduled to open in October.]

Hayden has always loved to bake pies, and using her mom’s secret pie crust recipe is just the cherry on top. In 2012 Hayden sold 250 pies for Thanksgiving, without a single complaint. Now she’s selling them all over the Twin Cities, including the Minnesota State Fair.

“We love the state fair and feel very fortunate to be a vendor there,” Hayden says.

But now tipsy pie lovers can get their fix in the new Stillwater shop. It will offer fresh and frozen pies, as well as Willow’s Coffee and a viewing window to see the bakers in action.

The storefront of Sara's Tipsy Pies in Stillwater

Some fall flavors include Irish Whiskey Apple, Carousing Caramel and Drunken Pumpkin. There are also savory pies, including Beer Mac and Cheese, Brown Ale and Onion & Gouda.

“It’s really fun to hear the conversations of when people first had a Tipsy Pie or that they have one hidden in their freezer,” Hayden says. “We feel very blessed with our loyal following.”

Sara’s Tipsy Pies
Fourth Street and Churchill Street
Facebook: Sara’s Tipsy Pies
Instagram: @tipsypies
Twitter: @sarastipsypie


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