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February/March 2022 St. Croix Valley Magazine

Hello, readers! It’s nice to meet you! This February, I’m overjoyed to be officially taking the reins of our exceptional community lifestyle magazine.

As some of you might recognize, I’ve had the pleasure of working with St. Croix Valley Magazine throughout the past few years as an intern, a writer and associate editor of Tiger Oak Media’s community lifestyle magazines. I’m incredibly thankful to outgoing editor Angela Johnson for her work with St. Croix Valley Magazine; she’s opened new lenses on our little Valley, and I look forward to continuing to grow this wonderful magazine and share your beautiful stories.

St. Croix Valley Magazine is more than just another community—for me, it’s like a second home. Although I grew up in neighboring Woodbury, my weekends were filled with trips to downtown Stillwater and Hudson, Wisconsin. I recall the summer days of eating too much ice cream at Nelson’s Ice Cream (still one of my favorites!), indulging in lunch at Leo’s and strolling along the Hudson Pier Bridge.

Nowadays, I continue to make wonderful memories in the Valley. Whether it’s grabbing a cocktail at The Velveteen Speakeasy (I recommend the Provence 75 or the Bachelorette!), boating through the St. Croix River or hiking through the beautiful parks. But when I’m not out and about in the community, you can usually find me with my nose in a documentary film, scouting coffee shops or adding another book to my reading list.

I’m ecstatic to be sharing the stories of the Valley, but I can’t do it without you. Send me an email, invite me to grab coffee or introduce yourself if you see me out and about. After all, this magazine is all about you—our community.

-Hailey Almsted

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