The Pony Activity Center Benefits Stillwater Students and Community Members Alike

New Year, New View: Stillwater High School opens up the Pony Activity Center to Megan Palm and all Valley residents this year.

This fall, the doors of the new Pony Activity Center (PAC) opened to the public with an incredibly positive response. The facility, a longtime project in Stillwater, is finally open and being used by students, sports teams—and Stillwater residents. Yes, not only does the PAC benefit sports teams and students, but it is available to community members for a small monthly membership fee.

Carissa Keister, community engagement manager for Stillwater schools, says the community is thrilled to have this “beautiful venue open to them at such an affordable price.” It’s not hard to see the many merits to the new space. Not only does it solve many of the schools’ problems with sports team practice spaces, gym availability and Minnesota winters, but the hope is that “current and future generations of [the] Pony community will be more active, physically fit and healthy because of the quality programs and facilities,” now offered by the PAC, she says.

The facility is state of the art, filled with natural light and all of the best equipment. According to Keister, the PAC also includes “new health classrooms, four full-size gym floors, a gymnastics center, locker rooms, training room, restrooms and concessions areas.”

Pony Activity Center
5701 Stillwater Blvd. N.,
Oak Park Heights; 651.351.8037
$10/month for track only,
$20/month full facility
Register online here.