Outdoor Design Trends and Tips for 2020

by | Apr 2020

A patio outfitted with outdoor design trends for 2020


Tips for making your outdoor space an oasis.

Summer in Minnesota is short-lived in our cool and ever-changing climate. But when it’s nice, we want to be outside! Outdoor living spaces have evolved into much more than simply decks or patios. Outdoor design trends and tips for 2020 include:

  • Designing a hardscape that makes use of multiple materials like a patio combined with a brick wall, wooden benches, wicker seating and metal accents. Mixing materials allows for plenty of creativity.
  • Styles with a more modern feel. While there will always be a place for rustic porch decor, expect to see more modern styles, particularly in color schemes. A darker color palette gives the illusion of space and is a great way to modernize. Black slatted walls, black framed furniture or accents in black pair nicely with vivid green foliage, flowering plants and vibrant accent colors.
  • Accent walls, when used as borders for outdoor living spaces, can quickly get boring. Wall containers planted with trailing vines and blooms, or outdoor-suitable art such as tin ceiling tiles or salvaged outdoor signage letters, are good ways to dress up large stretches of siding or stone.
  • Distinct lighting fixtures like hanging, deck-mounted or house-mounted lights are a deck trend for 2020. Think out of the ordinary. Add a light kit to a large weave or wire basket turned upside down for a boho, traditional or vintage style.

Kelli Kaufer is an interior designer and owner of Kelli Kaufer Designs.


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