On Trend: Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

by | Dec 2023

Amy Haugen

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Local medspa founder reveals her journey to health and vibrancy.

Skin care is a thriving and competitive industry. Endless tips, tricks and trends on how to establish and maintain healthy-looking skin can be overwhelming—let alone choosing what products to use.

Amy Haugen knows these frustrations all too well. The Stillwater esthetician spent years battling her own dry, inflamed skin. What worked for others failed her, triggering a cycle of repeatedly trying new products. The trial and error eventually led Haugen to develop her own skin care products, a journey that has evolved into a flourishing company and product line.

Now the owner and founder of Stillwater Skin, Haugen laughs as she recalls the lengthy process of developing her first product 15 years ago. “My house and garage were a disaster,” she says. “But it was all worth it looking back.”

The challenge was finding a blend that could support all skin types. What helped one person didn’t always work on the next. A cranberry seed oil moisturizer was the breakthrough. The formula made her own skin feel supple and vibrant, and Haugen started distributing the cream to clients and friends. “Everyone really seemed to like it,” she says. “They wanted more.”

Sharing Knowledge

In 2007, Haugen opened Stillwater Skin, where she continues to keep up on trends and help others feel comfortable in their skin. This work comes naturally to Haugen, who has been a licensed esthetician for more than 30 years. She says she knows trends change and she works to keep up on them for her clients. “My passion is really customizing products for the technology and trends that are happening in the industry,” she says.

Haugen also recognizes how skin can change for women during various stages of life. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause can change the skin, and Haugen says her personal experiences help her empathize with and offer treatment suggestions to clients. “I really try to troubleshoot each stage of my life and how my skin was impacted,” she says.

Haugen credits the one-on-one time spent with clients to determine their specific needs as one of the main reasons the company is successful. “We discuss everything from products they’re using to eating habits to activities,” she says. “We take it all in.

“I know what it’s like to have skin insecurities. It’s terrible,” she says. “My staff and I are different because we’re not just one protocol. We help analyze our clients’ lives and what they’re going through. We take our time with everybody and do what we can to help them.”

Stillwater Skin Medspa Team

Holiday Open House

Take a peek into Stillwater Skin services and products at its holiday sale from December 11–15. The event will take place online and in-house with specials on Stillwater Skin signature products. “It’s a great way to try our products,” Haugen says. “Come check us out.”

Stillwater Skin
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