Local Doctor Develops Easier, Cheaper Way to Lose Weight

by | Feb 2020

A copy of the ProportionFit Diet & Health Plan kit, which contains the ProportionFit book and tools to ensure you're eating the proper portions.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

ProportionFit is focused on making it easy to eat proper portions.

Local orthopedic surgeon Nicholas Meyer, M.D. realized firsthand that age, genetics and lifestyle are often to blame for the uphill march of the scale. He wanted to battle those genetics and remain active with his family. He researched weight loss plans. But found that much in the diet world is gimmicky and unrealistic. So, Dr. Meyer created what he believes is a simpler, more effective and inexpensive weight loss plan called Proportion Fit.

“I talk to people about portions,” Meyer says, “But the problem is that people lack specific instructions beyond the words, ‘eat less.’” Meyer researched hundreds of different foods and calculated how many calories are in one cup of hundreds of food items. Then he created a formula that helps people determine how many cups of food to consume based on their current weight and desired weight loss. He wrote a corresponding book that is essentially a manual detailing how his plan works. But his Proportion Fit Health Kit may be most helpful as it contains tools to implement the plan including a series of containers to help easily measure portions for packing lunches and making dinner. “Breaking [food portions] down into eight-ounce cups is an easy way to track portions,” Meyer says. If you want to check out Dr. Meyer’s Proportion Fit book or health kit, they are available online, at Jerry’s Foods in Woodbury and at a few local fitness centers.

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