Lens on St. Croix Valley: See the ‘Sheer Joy and Happiness’ on These Kids’ Faces

by | Dec 2019

Two children smile while eating sweet corn in this Lens on St. Croix Valley winning photograph.

Photo: Anne Jackson

Summer Smiles and Sweet Corn took first place in the People and Families category of the 2018 Lens on St. Croix Valley photo contest.

Each month we feature a photo from our Lens on St. Croix Valley photo contest. This month, as we focus on family, we asked photographer Anne Jackson of Hudson, Wis. to tell us about her photo titled Summer Smiles and Sweet Corn, awarded first place in the 2018 People and Families category.

“These two kids are my niece’s children, Myles and Aubrey. My niece is Jen Johnston and her husband’s name is Matt. They own a business in Hudson, Wis. The main owner [is] Matt’s mom Ruthie Johnson,” Jackson says.

Where was this photo taken?
The photo was taken at my niece’s home in New Richmond, Wis. after a long day of swimming in their outdoor pool on a hot July day.

What inspired the shot?
These two kids just love fresh sweet corn! And love each other.

What’s your favorite thing about this image?
It’s their sheer joy and happiness [about] life in general. They’re brother and sister and they adore each other and find joy in the most simple things of life. Another funny thing about this picture is that Myles recently lost a few teeth, so it was hard for him to eat the sweet corn, yet he did his best because he loves it so much.

What type of camera did you use?
I used my iPhone 8 for this picture.

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