J. Hilburn Stylist Studio Looks To Inspire Confidence

by | Jun 2023

Kevin Nyenhuis

Kevin Nyenhuis. Photos: Jenn Cress Photography

Local J. Hilburn stylist opens brick-and-mortar studio.

For Stillwater businessman Kevin Nyenhuis, a passion for comfortable, confidence-boosting clothing led to something great.

After nine years as a J. Hilburn stylist, Nyenhuis opened a J. Hilburn Stylist Studio in Stillwater at the Valley Ridge Mall in the fall of 2022. Nyenhuis shares that it’s an ideal location to connect to the local community and beyond.

“The company has seen the success of having a brick-and-mortar space,” Nyenhuis says of the 490-square-foot storefront. “My timing was right to do it as spots to lease are difficult to find. And what I found is perfect for a studio. For me to have all the samples here holds great benefit … The studio is really set up for success.”

J. Hilburn offers luxury, made-to-measure men’s clothing with the goal to offer quality and personalized options. Nyenhuis says he understands the modern frustrations of shopping for clothes. When he first came across J. Hilburn shirts, he says he was shocked at how well they fit. “I was hooked,” he says.

After five years of being a customer, Nyenhuis took the leap to being an independent consultant. His customer base took off quickly. “I threw a beer party and had 27 friends sign up for fittings,” he recalls of his early days as a new consultant. “All of a sudden, I had a menswear business … I just had my 415th client a few days ago.”

Button Samples

A Simple Wardrobe

As a graphic designer by trade, Nyenhuis admits he has a “fairly simple, not flashy” wardrobe and has more interest in the quality of fabrics over the style. “[J. Hilburn] works with the best mills in the world,” he says. “These are multigeneration, family-owned businesses that are committed to quality and the environment.”

J. Hilburn started as a shirt company and now offers a little bit of everything from T-shirts to tuxedos, Nyenhuis says. In a world turning to the casual side, Nyenhuis says he’s selling more custom denim than dress pants these days. “Bad fit never goes away,” he says. “This company fits clothing to the individual man’s preferences.”

Comfort and Comfort Zone

When meeting with clients, Nyenhuis says the options are endless.

“Half of my clients just tell me to style their stuff, and half of them really take an interest in choosing a specific button and adding the contrasting fabric,” he says. Either way, Nyenhuis has built confidence in being able to adjust to clients’ needs. “I can dial in both the fit and style preferences,” he says. “I might push some people to go outside their comfort zones, too. I do that to myself sometimes. The right fit elevates a man above others in the room.”

Nyenhuis says he uses his own personal experiences as a guide. As someone who admits he once wasted money on clothing with a poor fit, he knows it’s important to invest some time into a wardrobe.

“[J. Hilburn] doesn’t make clothes until they’re needed,” he says. “It’s not fast fashion. We’re not filling up a landfill with things that went unsold. I have come to love the company, the ownership and the quality of what I get to deliver. I get texts and emails from clients thanking me because they felt more confident in the wardrobe that I provided.”

For additional information about the team, visit kevinnyenhuis.jhstylist.com.

J. Hilburn Stylist Studio,
1460 W Frontage Road, Stillwater;


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