How to Choose Glasses That Fit Your Look

by | Jun 2019

A woman models a pair of statement glasses.

Photo: Tate Carlson

Finding the right frame is a mix of art and science.

Statement glasses are back in a big way. But when it comes to finding the right frames—to flatter your face, work with your lifestyle and fit your look—it can be intimidating to navigate the bevy of choices. Danielle Akenson is an optician at Christenson Vision Care—a finalist for Best Eye Practice in our 2019 Best of St. Croix Valley readers’ survey—and she spends most of her day coaching patients through that task. Here she gives a few tips and tricks for finding the right frame:

  • “Come with an open mind when choosing a frame,” she says. Instead of dreading the task, see it as an investment and an opportunity to update your look. Branch out a bit with a new color or eye-catching shape, and your glasses could become your favorite accessory.
  • “Nose pads? Do you love them or hate them? This can make the process easier—knowing if you need, want or don’t want them,” Akenson says.
  • “Don’t be afraid of colors,” she says. “Most frame colors look different against different skin tones.” Akenson and her team will help steer clients toward logical choices.
  • It seems basic, but “try on several pairs of different styles,” Akenson says. “Our opticians love to encourage other styles and help get you out of your comfort zone. We are always seeing patients surprised by how much they love it!”

Finding the right frame is still a mix of art and science—but there are some tried and true guidelines when it comes to accentuating facial features. Visit and click on “Eyewear Selection” to mix and match frames on your face shape.


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