A Guide to Hudson’s Concerts in the Park

by | Jun 2019

A crowd gathers to see the Minnesota Orchestra at Hudson's Concerts in the Park series at Lakefront Park

Photo: Michael Huber

Hudson does outdoor music right on the regular at Concerts in the Park at Lakefront Park.

There’s nothing quite like live music. But add summery weather and hundreds of neighbors—and put that live music in an outdoor bandshell—and it becomes sublime. Hudson does that up right, on the regular, for Concerts in the Park at Lakefront Park. Are you an open-air concert newbie? Here’s a checklist from Vanessa LaFleur at the Hudson Chamber of Commerce:

  • Bring a blanket or chair—or wear pants you won’t mind getting dirty.
  • Duration can vary based on the group, but plan on an hour or so.
  • When the Minnesota Orchestra comes, it gets pretty packed! So come early.
  • The sun sets behind the bandshell, so a brimmed hat or sunglasses are a good idea.
  • Before the concert, enjoy a walk down the old toll bridge road or along the path through Lakefront Park.
  • There’s plenty of shopping as well. Why not make a night of it?
  • Stop in at the ice cream store for a treat—or there’s a concession stand in the park
  • No pets or smoking, please!

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