Got Extra Scarves? Try Using Them for Winter Home Decor

A blue scarf wrapped around a blue candle with other holiday decor.
Scarves can be more than a wardrobe accessory.

Just as we change our wardrobes from season to season, we should also change our home decor to reflect the cooler weather. It needn’t be complicated and it certainly need not cost much money. There are simple ways to welcome winter.

Scarves can come in handy around the house. Because of their various sizes, color, shapes, prints and the fact that they’re usually quite inexpensive, a scarf here or there can easily become a go-to move for home decorating.

Holiday decor using scarves

Drape a simple silk scarf around a candle with feathers. Pair with wooden accents to create a soft yet sophisticated centerpiece.

It really is that simple. Use what you have, add a few accent pieces, a candle or nature inspired elements. Do what speaks to you.

Holiday decor using a scarf