Five Design Tips to Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

by | Oct 2021

Warm and cozy interior design of bright entryway with gray bench, black hanger, brown scarf, beige hat, round coffee table, white vase with dried flowers, shoes, woven shopping bag and personal accessories. Home decor. Template.


Gear up to host friends and family this fall with expert advice.

Walk through your front door and try to visualize it as a guest; what do you notice? Do your eyes land on a pretty focal point? A common mistake in foyers is a lack of artwork or interesting features. It is also important to see the view of other rooms upon entering your home. Do you look into a messy office or playroom? If so, consider adding doors or find ways to add hidden storage and organization to those spaces.

Is the entryway functional? Make sure there is enough room for guests to enter and take a few steps, and most importantly, find a place to sit down to remove their shoes. Here in the Midwest, we have to deal with winter boots and a lot of sloppy weather, so most people remove their footwear when entering a home. Make it easy and convenient for guests to sit and do so.

Another common mistake is choosing an area rug that’s too small. If you go with a doormat-sized rug that doesn’t allow anyone to step into the room, it can feel awkward. Select a rug that’s three feet by 5 feet at minimum.

Lastly, many people don’t think about lighting. If the foyer overhead light is too bright, install a dimmer switch to allow for softer light. Another option is to put a table lamp on an entry console table for more soft, ambient light. 

Take the test—walk through your front door to ensure you’re ready to welcome guests!

Contributed by interior designer Amy Lefarink, owner of Interior Impressions;


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