Drone Photographer’s Icy Shot Wins Lens on St. Croix Valley Photo Contest

by | Feb 2020

Boats surrounded by ice on the water on the St. Croix River at the Hudson Dike

Photo: Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason gives us an aerial perspective of winter.

We regularly feature photos from our Lens on St. Croix Valley photo contest. This month, we asked drone photographer Tyler Mason to tell us about his photo titled “Iced In” which won in the 2019 “nature” category.

When and where was the photo taken?
This photo was taken along the St. Croix River at the Hudson Dike. It was taken in mid-January of 2019 (on a freezing cold winter day where my fingers were almost numb by the time I was done flying).

What inspired the shot?
Once I got the drone up in the air, I realized just how cool the textures on the ice looked. With this shot in particular, I really tried to capture the different textures and the contrast between the frozen portion of the river versus the open water.

What’s your favorite thing about the image?
Probably the way the blue color pops. I also love the different textures and layers of the ice, and seeing the boats stuck in between ice added to that. Someone mentioned to me after I initially posted the photo that it looks kind of like Darth Vader’s face, so now I occasionally see that when I look at it, too.

What tips would you give an aspiring drone photographer?
Fly your drone as often as you can. The more comfortable you are with flying it, the easier it will be to capture unique and stunning images. … Drones help us find beauty everywhere. … And most importantly, have fun! While flying drones requires practice and proper safety, flying them provides a ton of joy.


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