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by | Dec 2021

Wedding at the Stillwater Event Center.

Photo: Studio Humankind

The Stillwater Event Center revamps event experience with new renovation.

Creating lasting memories for over 30 years, the Stillwater Event Center, formerly KC Hall, has undergone renovations to create a more accommodating atmosphere for every occasion. As a business that is rooted in passion, tradition and togetherness, the center is home to a lifelong family treasure, Scheel’s Catering. Assisting his mother with the business since he was 11 years old, owner Todd Scheel says that the event company has always been a part of who he is.

After spending 16 years in corporate human resources and seven years in restaurant management, while simultaneously balancing the family business part-time, Scheel decided to take on the catering business fully in 2014. Firing up Scheel’s Catering through the commercial kitchen of KC Hall, Scheel put his focus 100 percent on food. Specializing in personalized menus from scratch, Scheel’s offers a completely customizable process that includes the option of recreating family recipes on a larger scale. “It’s [the clients’] special event, so I do everything that I can to make things from that initial phone call,” Scheel says.

Remodeled interior.

Getting a taste for in-house catering for a variety of occasions, Scheel says he didn’t know he wanted to merge his business with event planning to create a full-service company until the opportunity presented itself. With a vision for where he could take his business, Scheel took over the lease of the former KC Hall’s entire 4,000-square-foot space in June 2020, thus creating Stillwater Event Center. “This is something that I saw initially that we wanted to do, and now we are able to bring things into fruition and have a beautiful space for individuals, and I’m ecstatic,” Scheel says.

Without having to relocate or build a new kitchen, Scheel was able to jump right into renovations to freshen up the space. “What is awesome about this space is not only that it is beautifully remodeled, but it is still to a point [that clients] can still transform it to whatever space they want it to be,” Scheel says. “It is really a space that can house any type of function that someone wants to have.”

Patio at Stillwater Event Center

Renovated Elements 

  • New glass door entryway
  • New flooring  and ceilings
  • New indoor and outdoor seating options
  • Freshly painted walls, doors and trim
  • TV feature with the option for guests to customize the screen with pictures, messages or videos
  • Professionally framed images of Stillwater taken by local photographer and owner of the Stillwater Art Guild Bob Lyksett
  • A bridal room equipped with new light fixtures and flooring; a kitchenette with a countertop, sink and mini fridge; a bathroom and a makeup counter with plenty of lighting and outlets; and new chairs
  • Energy efficient LED lights and sconces with three controllable dimmers
  • Increased patio space paved with over 1,000 new pavers
  • A restained and updated fence
  • An outdoor pergola that suits over 100 guests
  • A full functioning bar (still in the works)
Wedding couple at the Stillwater Event Center.

Photo: Emily Paulson Photography

Party Time

After their wedding at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds was canceled due to COVID-19, Amanda and Joshua Boss were on the search for a replacement option that was not only convenient but affordable. With experience using Scheel’s Catering for prior events, Joshua says it was a natural fit due to the value and the amazing food.

As one of the first weddings in the newly renovated space, the Bosses settled on an outdoor rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception at the center over Labor Day weekend last year. Using the patio to create the event of their dreams, they converted the ceremonial area into a dance floor, provided seating and an exquisite dining experience for over 100 guests and captured the fun with their interactive photo booth. “[The event center staff] were super accommodating, and their family members were a part of the event, and we felt like everyone there was having a good time and enjoying themselves, so it made it a really fun night,” Joshua says.

Taking an unconventional route with their cuisine, Amanda and Joshua opted for a classic holiday cookout with handmade burgers, specialty brats, baked beans and from-scratch potato salad for their rehearsal dinner. “It was a little different, but it was still delicious and fun,” Joshua says. As for the reception, they chose stuffed chicken breast with flavorful gravy, roasted veggies and potatoes, a fresh salad, Scheel’s signature petty pan rolls (bread infused with Italian seasoning) and pie for dessert. “People pulled us aside and said that was an amazing dinner, especially in times of COVID when people aren’t used to going out to eat much. I think they were just blown away at how they were able to pull it off while still making it delicious and fresh and wonderful.”

For Scheel’s Catering client Becca Mader, her laid-back wedding aesthetic featured a taco bar for the reception. Equipped with a variety of options, the buffet-style spread featured beef, chicken and tofu; and classic taco fixings (i.e., tortillas, fajita veggies, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, tomatoes) that included gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly options for guests with dietary restrictions.

“I simply cannot say enough about how great he was throughout the whole process, [they are] super communicative, responsive, accommodating, helpful and kind,” Mader says. “It was a great mix of being open to what we wanted while still offering us suggestions on how things could be better without imposing on how he would want the event to turn out like.”

Stillwater Event Center
1910 South Greeley St., Stillwater; 651.430.3274
Instagram: @stillwatereventcenter

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