Community Staple Comes Under New Management

by | Feb 2023

Rosie Peters, Grayson Taylor, Ross Higgins and Jeremy Chacich
Brookside Bar & Grill reopens with four new leaders at the helm.

Nestled on the shore of the St. Croix River in historic Marine on Saint Croix, Brookside Bar & Grill has been a feature of the small community for years. Now, four locals will continue the legacy.

“Our mission is to cultivate a strong sense of community through good food and good people,” says Rosetta (Rosie) Peters, Marine on Saint Croix resident and longtime employee of the bar. She is one of the four new local owners along with Grayson Taylor, Ross Higgins and Jeremy Chacich that took over operations  December 21, 2022.

To learn more about this new chapter at Brookside, we spoke with co-owner Jeremy Chacich.

Brookside Bar & Grill had a grand opening party on New Year’s Eve, 2022. How did the event go?

Our ‘New Year, New Beginnings’ grand opening party on New Year’s Eve was truly something special. We were lucky enough to have folks squeeze us into their plans, even if just for a bit and others that came for the whole event. We are so grateful for the support and excitement that has come with the change of ownership.

When did you personally first visit Brookside Bar & Grill? What was your first impression of it?

Ross and I (Jeremy) moved to the area almost two years ago and quickly fell in love with the Brookside. It was the great food and the friendly and amazing staff. With its cozy atmosphere and welcoming environment, everyone can find comfort and joy here. Whether someone right in town, outside of the area, or just passing through, it’s nothing but smiles and laughs. We got hooked.

For Rosie and Grayson, the story is a bit different. They both have been working at the Brookside for years, and it has really become home to them. Rosie has been the first face you see at Brookside for many years and has a passion for serving her customers and taking care of them. Grayson has been running the kitchen for many years as well, really putting a stamp on the quality food and great staff.

Why did you and Ross Higgins, Grayson Taylor and Rosie Peters come together to buy Brookside?

The Brookside means something special to us and everyone in our community and those lucky enough to visit. When we knew there was an opportunity for us to come together and become the new owners, it wasn’t a question. We were all in, it just made sense. We all bring our own unique perspective and skill set that we each can build on and strengthen.

What do locals and visitors have to look forward to at the new Brookside Bar & Grill?

There are no big changes on the horizon. We want to keep the pieces that the community truly enjoys and build on that—strengthen them. We want to invest in having more events and special happenings that folks either miss or have been wanting.

We will always be a bar and grill that is focused on serving quality and delicious food, but we want to bring in some new things. We’re known for our summer music on the patio on the weekends, but [we] are finding ways to incorporate it more frequently—throughout the year. We will be continuing our various raffles, but also bringing back bingo starting on January 18 for every-other Wednesday night, which I know will make some people very happy! We’re also bringing in karaoke more frequently, second and fourth Saturdays of the month starting in February.

The most important thing that will not be changing is the fun and warm feeling everyone gets when they take a seat at Brookside.

Brookside Bar & Grill
140 Judd St., Marine on St. Croix; 651.433.1112
Facebook: Brookside Bar & Grill
Instagram: @brooksidebarandgrill


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