Collisions of Earth and Sky Book Review

by | Dec 2022

Collisions of Earth and Sky Book Cover

This book is so lovely. Part autobiography, part manifesto on how important nature is for our human spirits, local author Heidi Barr describes how nature makes us better. It offers us solace. It grounds us and helps us to stay in the moment. It helps us to know and honor our forebears. It heals us and directs us to connect with our higher power. Nature reminds us that beauty is ever present and encourages us to be fully alive.

Not only is her writing beautiful and poetic, Barr is also donating 50 percent of her author royalties to Indigenous-run organizations. It’s easy to deeply respect her and her work.

This book releases on January 31. Consider preordering it from your favorite indie bookstore. Preorders help authors, and it’s an honor to champion our local talent. If you choose to preorder from Valley Bookseller, you’ll receive a signed copy.

Rachael Johnson is the assistant manager at Valley Bookseller. Find Collisions of Earth and Sky in-store or online starting January 31 at


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