Catch Your Favorite Songs by an Accordion Orchestra at the Phipps

It’s not every day you get to hear an accordion orchestra play music from your favorite movies—May 12 is your chance to do just that. Dan Newton’s Accordion Orchestra performs at the Phipps, playing songs from movies ranging from the 1920s to contemporary favorites like Quentin Tarantino films.

In 2006 the Accordion Orchestra released its album Cinema, which featured recordings from the movies that stand out over time. From the release, members developed a show to celebrate these movies. They incorporated clips from the films featured, as well as film background and fun facts.

See this show, and you’re in for an in-depth experience. It begins with old-timey cartoons and sing-along captions complete with a bouncing ball to follow along with the words. The orchestra even plays music along with a silent film.

Newton says he was inspired by the music in movies, and says that most people don’t realize the importance of the music they hear while watching shows. The sounds we hear leave a huge impact on us, he says: “You can’t help humming the song from that romance movie.”

If the idea of an accordion orchestra is extra appealing to you, Cinema and more of Dan Newton’s Accordion Orchestra’s music will be for sale at the Phipps event.